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Spontaneous Pressure Digital Films

Spontaneous Pressure Digital Films started as a way to pay for our hobbies (Matt makes short films, Leah shoots action photography), and has grown quickly into a fully-fledged business, official with the state and registered as an LLC.

We have two little girls (a.k.a. free models), and we enjoy work where we can help people, love what we do, and have the freedom of owning our own business. 


Matthew Thayer, The Technical one

Matt began doing wedding videos many years ago when a friend paid him a few hundred bucks to capture her big day. With a background in music and performance and a penchant for all things techie, Matt is the person to talk to about all the technicalities of audio/visual work and the science & art of camera gear. He also loves computers and does most of the editing and technical stuff like color correction on fancy-pants software.


Leah Thayer, the artistic one

Leah began as an action and sports photographer in high school, and capturing moments on the fly is what still floats her boat, in both photography and videography. Her eye for creative-but-simple design is handy when doing everything from rough edits of videos to when building websites (ahem). If you call us at (208) 697-6977, she is probably the person who will answer the phone, too!